American Honda Finance Empowering Your Automotive Dreams

An important player in the auto finance industry is American Honda Finance Corporation, a division of Honda Financial Services.With a rich history and a commitment to excellence American Honda Finance has been assisting car buyers across the United States for decades. We will delve into the history services and the significant role American Honda Finance plays in helping Americans achieve their automotive dreams.

A Brief History

American Honda Finance Corporation was established in 1980 as a way for Honda to provide financial services to its customers. From its modest beginnings, it has grown into a significant financial institution serving Honda and Acura customers across the United States. With a foundation built on Honda’s core values of innovation, quality and customer satisfaction American Honda Finance has become a trusted partner for those in pursuit of their dream cars.

Services Offered

American Honda Finance offers a wide array of services to make the automotive financing process as smooth as possible for its customers. Here are a number of the important things offerings they provide:

  • Vehicle Financing: American Honda Finance offers competitive rates and flexible financing options to help customers purchase their desired Honda or Acura vehicle. Whether you are searching out a brand new or used vehicle they assist you to steady the important funds.
  • Leasing: If you prefer leasing over buying American Honda Finance provides leasing options that allow you to drive a new Honda or Acura with lower monthly payments and the flexibility to upgrade to a new vehicle every few years.
  • Honda Protection Plans: To ensure peace of mind American Honda Finance offers a range of protection plans that cover various aspects of vehicle ownership including extended warranties and protection against unexpected maintenance costs.
  • Online Account Management: Their online portal makes it easy for customers to manage their accounts, make payments and access important information 24/7. This convenience is a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Loyalty Programs: American Honda Finance frequently offers special incentives and loyalty programs to reward existing customers enhancing the overall ownership experience.

Customer-Centric Approach

What sets American Honda Finance apart is its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. They understand that buying a car is a significant investment and they aim to make the financing process as transparent and stress-free as possible. Their attentive customer support team is always ready to assist and answer questions ensuring that customers are well-informed about their financing options.

Responsibility for the environment

American Honda Finance also places a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility. Honda as a company is known for its dedication to sustainability and this ethos extends to its financial services division. The company supports various green initiatives and offers financing options for hybrid and electric vehicles thus contributing to a greener future.

American Honda Finance carries on

HFS and AFS offer a variety of financing options tailored to the specific needs and preferences of our clients. Our financing solutions encompass retail installment sales contracts and automotive leases which are designed to accommodate various product types and meet the diverse requirements of our valued customers. Primarily we specialize in providing these financing options for both new and used Honda and Acura automobiles. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of our offerings:

  1. Retail Installment Sales Contracts: HFS and AFS offer retail installment sales contracts to customers looking to purchase Honda and Acura vehicles. This financing option allows clients to spread the cost of the vehicle over a predetermined period through a series of fixed payments. With this arrangement clients have the flexibility to own the vehicle outright at the end of the contract making it an attractive choice for those who want full ownership and long-term commitment.
  2. Automotive Leases: For customers who prefer more flexibility and the option to drive a new vehicle every few years we provide automotive leasing options. These leases are available for both new and used Honda and Acura automobiles and are facilitated through our affiliated entity, Honda Lease Trust. Automotive leases allow clients to effectively rent the vehicle for a specific term typically 2-3 years with the opportunity to either return the vehicle or purchase it at the end of the lease period. Leasing often results in lower monthly payments compared to traditional financing, making it a popular choice for those who desire the latest models and lower upfront costs.

American Honda Finance’s history

When American Honda Finance Corporation (AHFC) first embarked on its business journey it primarily focused on offering wholesale financial services to authorized Honda motorcycle dealers across the United States. This initial foray into the financial sector marked the inception of what would eventually evolve into a multifaceted and highly successful enterprise.

The year 1983 marked a significant milestone in AHFC’s history as it expanded its services to include wholesale finance for Honda power equipment. This strategic decision allowed the company to diversify its portfolio and cater to a broader range of products within the Honda family. By providing financing options for power equipment AHFC not only furthered its support for the Honda brand but also strengthened its position in the market.

American Honda Finance for both new and certified pre-owned Honda and Acura vehicles:

American Honda Finance: Your Path to Automotive Ownership

At American Honda Finance our mission is to empower your automotive dreams by offering a comprehensive range of financing options for both new and certified pre-owned Honda and Acura vehicles. We understand that your vehicle choice is a significant decision and we’re here to make it as convenient and accessible as possible. Here’s a detailed overview of the services we provide:

  1. Financing for New Vehicles:
  • When you’re in the market for a brand-new Honda or Acura, American Honda Finance can help turn your dream into a reality. We offer competitive financing options tailored to new vehicle purchases. Our team can guide you through the process ensuring that you secure the best terms and rates for your investment.
  1. Purchasing a certified pre-owned car with financing
  • If you’re looking for a certified pre-owned Honda or Acura our financing solutions are equally suitable. We offer tailored financing for certified pre-owned vehicles making it easier for you to experience the quality and reliability that come with Honda and Acura cars.
  1. Lease Options:
  • American Honda Finance provides lease options for those who prefer the flexibility and advantages of leasing. Leasing can be an excellent choice for those who enjoy driving the latest models with lower monthly payments.
  1. Retail Installment Contracts:
  • For customers who prefer to own their vehicles outright we offer retail installment contracts. These contracts allow you to make fixed monthly payments over a set period, ultimately leading to full vehicle ownership.
  1. Financial Tools and Resources:
  • We provide a range of financial tools and resources to assist you in managing your automotive investment. From online payment portals to calculators that help you understand your financing options better we aim to make your experience as smooth and informative as possible.

Our commitment to your automotive dreams extends beyond just financing. We are here to help you navigate the entire process from application to ownership. With our expertise in automotive financing we ensure that your journey to owning a Honda or Acura vehicle is not only achievable but also convenient and tailored to your unique needs.

Count on American Honda Finance to be your trusted partner in realizing your automotive aspirations whether it’s driving a brand-new model or experiencing the quality and performance of a certified pre-owned Honda or Acura. Your dream vehicle is within reach and we’re here to make it happen.

Energize my automotive aspirations

American Honda Finance is your trusted partner in the journey to owning a Honda or Acura vehicle. We understand that these brands represent not just cars, but dreams, aspirations and a commitment to quality and performance. That’s why we offer a range of flexible financing solutions designed to make your dream vehicle more accessible than ever. Here’s how we help you get behind the wheel of your desired Honda or Acura:

  1. Tailored Financing Options:
  • We provide financing solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and budget. Whether you dream of owning a brand-new model or a certified pre-owned vehicle our financing options are designed to fit your preferences.
  1. Buy or Lease:
  • At American Honda Finance we recognize that every customer’s journey is unique. Whether you prefer to own your vehicle outright or enjoy the flexibility of leasing we offer both options. Our lease programs provide the opportunity to experience the latest models with lower monthly payments.
  1. Competitive Rates and Terms:
  • We work to secure competitive rates and favorable terms for your financing. Our goal is to ensure that you benefit from affordable monthly payments and a financing plan that aligns with your financial goals.
  1. Streamlined Application Process:
  • We’ve simplified the application process making it easier than ever to apply for financing. Our online application system allows you to start the process from the comfort of your home ensuring convenience and efficiency.
  1. Expert Guidance:
  • Our team of financial experts is dedicated to guiding you through every step of the financing journey. We’re here to answer your questions, provide insights and help you make informed decisions that are in line with your automotive dreams.
  1. Additional Financial Tools:
  • We offer a variety of online tools and resources to assist you in understanding you’re financing options better. From calculators to payment portals, these resources are designed to empower you with knowledge.

At American Honda Finance our commitment is not just to provide financing it’s to empower your automotive dreams. We believe that owning a Honda or Acura is more than a transaction it’s an experience. We’re here to ensure that this experience is within reach for every Honda and Acura enthusiast making the dream of driving these exceptional vehicles a reality.

Whether you envision yourself in the latest model prefer the reliability of certified pre-owned or are exploring other financial options American Honda Finance is your partner in making it happen. Your desired vehicle is closer than you think and we’re dedicated to helping you achieve that dream.

Online Financing Application with American Honda Finance: Streamlining Your Journey to Vehicle Ownership

American Honda Finance prioritizes convenience and accessibility for its customers. We recognize the value of your time and strive to make the financing process as simple as we can.That’s why we offer an easy-to-use online application process that allows you to apply for financing from the comfort of your own home. Here’s how this convenient feature streamlines the financing process:

  1. Accessibility from Anywhere:

American Honda Finance Empowering Your Automotive Dreams

  • With our online application you can initiate the financing process from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you’re at home, at work or on the go you have the flexibility to start your financing journey at your convenience.
  1. Time-Saving Convenience:
  • By eliminating the need for in-person visits or paperwork our online application saves you valuable time. You can complete the application at your own pace without the pressure of office hours or physical appointments.
  1. User-Friendly Interface:
  • Our online application is designed to be user-friendly ensuring a smooth and straightforward experience. You’ll be guided through the necessary steps making it easy to provide the required information and documents.
  1. Secure and Confidential:
  • Rest assured that your personal and financial information is handled with the utmost security and confidentiality. We employ industry-standard encryption and data protection measures to safeguard your data.
  1. Speedy Response:
  • Once you submit your online application our team promptly reviews it expediting the process. You can expect a swift response regarding your financing approval, bringing you closer to your dream Honda or Acura vehicle.
  1. Real-Time Updates:
  • Our online application allows you to track the progress of your application and receive real-time updates on its status. This transparency ensures that you’re always informed about your financing journey.

Whether you’re considering a new Honda or Acura purchase exploring lease options or looking to finance a certified pre-owned vehicle our online application process is a powerful tool that puts you in control. Its part of our commitment to making your automotive dreams come true with ease and convenience.

At American Honda Finance we believe that securing the financing for your desired vehicle should be a seamless experience. Our online application is just one of the many ways we work to ensure that your journey to vehicle ownership is both convenient and efficient. It’s all part of our mission to empower your automotive dreams.


American Honda Finance is not just an automotive financing company it’s a trusted partner in helping Americans realize their automotive dreams. With its commitment to customer satisfaction, a wide range of services and a strong focus on environmental responsibility it stands out in the world of auto financing. Whether you’re looking for a new Honda or Acura or you’re interested in environmentally friendly vehicles American Honda Finance is there to support you on your journey to automotive ownership.


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