The Thrilling World of Speed Exploring World Wide Technology Raceway

Speed adrenaline and precision. These are the elements that define the world of motorsports. For enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike, few experiences match the heart-pounding excitement of witnessing high-performance vehicles roaring down a racetrack. One such place that encapsulates this excitement is the World Wide Technology Raceway a haven for motorsport enthusiasts and a hub for speed aficionados.

A Hub of Racing Excellence

The World Wide Technology Raceway located in Madison, Illinois, USA is a renowned racing facility that hosts a variety of motorsport events. Situated just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri, it attracts both local and international audiences. The facility boasts a versatile track layout making it suitable for a range of racing disciplines from stock car racing to open-wheel events.

Track Layout and Facilities

The raceway features a 1.25-mile oval track and a 1.6-mile road course providing a dynamic racing experience. The oval track is known for its high-speed racing while the road course incorporates technical turns and challenges for drivers. The venue also includes top-notch amenities such as modern grandstands, hospitality suites and various event spaces ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for spectators.

Hosting Major Racing Events

World Wide Technology Raceway is no stranger to high-profile racing events. It hosts races from prominent racing series like the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, the NTT Indy Car Series, and the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series. These events draw in large crowds and showcase the prowess of drivers and their teams captivating audiences with intense competition and close finishes.

A Thrilling Experience for Fans

Fans attending events at the World Wide Technology Raceway can immerse themselves in the racing culture. The roar of engines the smell of burning rubber and the rush of the crowd create an electric atmosphere that fans relish. From the moment the green flag drops to the checkered flag, the entire facility buzzes with excitement and anticipation.

Community Development

Beyond hosting races the World Wide Technology Raceway is committed to engaging with the local community and fostering the growth of motorsports. They offer various programs and events aimed at educating and entertaining both young and old racing enthusiasts. These initiatives help nurture the love for motorsports and encourage aspiring racers to pursue their passion.

Oval track

With a rich history and a commitment to excellence World Wide Technology Raceway is poised to continue thrilling motorsport enthusiasts for years to come. As the facility further develops and enhances its offerings it is bound to attract even more racing events and a growing fan base.

The 1.25-mile oval track is a focal point for the NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series a prestigious racing event that draws in a substantial fan base. Additionally the NTT IndyCar Series, known for its high-speed open-wheel racing utilizes this oval track showcasing the venue’s ability to cater to different racing disciplines.

World Wide Technology Raceway’s past

In 1967 motorsports enthusiasts in Illinois rejoiced as a dedicated location for racing aficionados was established with the construction of a drag racing facility. This marked a significant milestone, providing a hub for thrill-seekers and racing fans to witness the exhilarating sport of drag racing.

Over the years the drag racing facility became a focal point for racing enthusiasts, attracting a vibrant community of passionate individuals who reveled in the high-speed action and competitive spirit of drag racing. The facility featured meticulously designed drag racing and road course layouts providing a diverse and exciting experience for both participants and spectators.

The World Wide Technology Raceway’s greatest seating Location

Due to the steep banking of the track the most coveted seats for spectators are located at corners 3 and 4. The elevated position grants a prime view of the racing action and adds an adrenaline-inducing aspect to the experience. Drivers are required to harness all their skills and abilities to maintain control and prevent sliding off the track, especially while navigating these banked corners. This demands precise control over their vehicles and strategic maneuvering, as any loss of control could lead to potentially dangerous collisions with other vehicles on the track. The high banking thus adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the racing event, keeping both drivers and spectators on the edge of their seats.

Locations on Raceway

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The Thrilling World of Speed Exploring World Wide Technology Raceway

Raceway is Identical to a racetrack

Race tracks often referred to as raceways or speedways are purpose-built facilities designed for motor racing events. These tracks are specifically engineered to host various types of motorsports, providing a controlled environment for competitive racing. Unlike a traditional racecourse a racecourse is a temporary track that is set up for specific events and may not have a permanent infrastructure.

Raceways or speedways are permanent tracks with designated lanes and turns optimized for high-speed racing. They are constructed with advanced materials such as asphalt or concrete to ensure a smooth and durable surface for racing. These tracks often include features like grandstands, pit areas, garages and other facilities to accommodate participant’s teams and spectators.

World Wide Technology Raceway is enormous

Located in the vibrant St. Louis area the World Wide Technology Raceway stands as a premier venue for INDYCAR, NASCAR, and NHRA competitions. Situated a mere five-minute drive from downtown St. Louis, it boasts the prestigious title of being the largest outdoor entertainment complex in the region covering a vast expanse of over 380 acres.

This multifaceted facility attracts racing enthusiasts and spectators alike, drawing them into a world of high-speed excitement and unparalleled entertainment. The Raceway hosts various racing events showcasing the prowess of top-tier drivers and thrilling fans with heart-pounding action.

Within close proximity to the bustling heart of St. Louis, the World Wide Technology Raceway offers an accessible and convenient location for both local residents and visitors to immerse themselves in the adrenaline-fueled atmosphere of motorsport. Its expansive grounds provide ample space for fans to gather and revel in the electrifying races that take place on its well-designed tracks, making it a hub for motorsports enthusiasts from all around the region.

Shaped of tracks

World Wide Technology Raceway, with its distinctive 1.25-mile oval shape and varying degrees of banking in each corner holds a special appeal for numerous drivers who participate in races at this venue.

The track’s design, featuring a 1.25-mile oval, sets it apart from conventional racetracks. This oval shape presents a unique challenge and an intriguing dynamic for drivers to navigate during races. Each corner of the track is crafted with different banking levels, adding an additional layer of complexity to the racing experience.

The Benefits of raceways

Raceways compared to ponds offer a multitude of advantages, making them a preferred choice in aquaculture. One significant benefit is the notable increase in productivity per square foot. The design and controlled environment of raceways optimizes space usage, resulting in higher fish yields compared to traditional pond systems.

Additionally raceways afford enhanced visibility of the fish. The design allows for better observation and monitoring of the aquatic life, facilitating a more efficient feeding process. Fish visibility in raceways helps aqua culturists to precisely assess the feeding patterns and behaviors of the fish, enabling them to tailor feeding strategies for improved growth and health.

Use of raceways

A raceway also known as a flow-through system is an artificial channel specifically designed for the cultivation of aquatic organisms in aquaculture. It stands as one of the early and fundamental techniques for inland aquaculture. The primary structure of a raceway consists of concrete canals or basins, typically rectangular in shape, equipped with both inlet and outlet points.

The design of a raceway is carefully crafted to facilitate the optimal growth and development of aquatic organisms. The rectangular shape provides a structured environment that aids in water circulation and efficient maintenance. The concrete construction ensures durability and stability, allowing for long-term usage in aquaculture operations.

Adverse Effects of the raceway system

Raceways though commonly used in aquaculture for their cost-effectiveness and simplicity come with certain drawbacks primarily stemming from suboptimal mixing within the system. One significant issue is the gradual deterioration of water quality along the length of the raceway presenting a stark contrast to circular tanks, which generally maintain a more even distribution of water quality.

The uneven water quality in raceways can be attributed to inadequate mixing mechanisms. As water flows along the elongated raceway it undergoes limited interaction and agitation, resulting in inconsistent oxygen levels, temperature gradients and nutrient dispersion. Oxygen saturation tends to decrease progressively along the raceway due to inadequate mixing which can adversely affect the health and growth of aquatic organisms at different sections of the raceway.

Most typical and popular raceways

Latching raceways also referred to as surface raceways or latching ducts are among the most prevalent and extensively utilized raceway systems for managing cables and wires. These raceways play a crucial role in organizing and protecting wiring in various settings, such as residential and office spaces particularly when new wiring has been installed on the exterior surface of a wall.

These raceways are designed to provide a secure and organized pathway for cables, ensuring they are neatly contained and easily accessible when needed. The term “latching” refers to the mechanism incorporated into the raceway allowing for convenient opening and closing to add or remove cables.

Worldwide technology raceway is owned by

Francis Curtis is the esteemed owner of World Wide Technology Raceway (WWTR) a prominent motorsports facility situated near Madison, Illinois to the east of downtown St. Louis. As the proprietor of this renowned racing venue, Curtis Francois has played a pivotal role in its development and success.

Francis Curtiswidely known as Curtis Francois has demonstrated a deep passion for motorsports and racing throughout his life. His involvement in the racing world extends beyond mere ownership reflecting a genuine dedication to the sport. Under his guidance, WWTR has emerged as a premier destination for racing enthusiasts and professionals alike.


The World Wide Technology Raceway is a hub of speed, excitement and skill, making it a must-visit for any motorsport enthusiast. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a newcomer to the racing world this facility promises an unforgettable experience in the thrilling world of speed.


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