Top 11 Best Clipping Software for Gaming 2023

Top 11 Best Clipping Software for Gaming 2023

  1. Game Clipping Software
    1. Tips for Choosing the Best Clipping Software
    2. Reviews of the Top Clipping Software for Gaming
  2. Free Game Clipping Software
    1. #1. Xbox Game Bar
    2. #2. AppGeeker Screen Recorder
    3. #3. OBS Studio
    4. #4.
    5. #5. Icecream Screen Recorder
  3. Clipping Software for Low End PC
  4. How Do I Clip My Gameplay?
  5. What Is the Best Clipping Software for Fortnite?
  6. How Do You Clip Games on Android?
  7. How Do I Clip on Windows?
  8. Does Obs Have Clipping?
  9. How Do I Find Gaming Clips?
  10. Is There a Clipping Software for Mobile?

Clipping software is a digital tool that lets players record or “clip” select segments of their gameplay sessions. These are the times when you do something amazing in the game, whether it’s setting a new high score, pulling off a great maneuver, or just taking a picture of the breathtaking scenery. In this detailed tutorial, we’ll explore the fascinating realm of video game clipping tools. We’ll talk about why clipping software is useful, what to look for in a good program, and then review the clipping software for low-end PCs and the best and free game clipping software for gaming out there.

Game Clipping Software 

This guide boasts information that can improve your gaming experience regardless of whether you are a seasoned veteran, a novice, or an aspiring content creator. Prepare yourself for a journey into the world of video game clipping software.

Tips for Choosing the Best Clipping Software

The abundance of accessible, cutting-edge software might make making a decision seem like an insurmountable task. Decisions can be made more easily if attention is directed toward crucial factors.

  • The greatest cutting software is also quite user-friendly, making it simple to use right away. Cutting and editing should be simple and uncomplicated.
  • Check the clipping software’s compatibility with your game platform before purchasing. The software should work without any hiccups on any platform, whether you’re a PC gamer, console fanatic, or mobile gamer.
  • The software should be able to generate high-quality clips that accurately reflect the original gameplay. Also, low-resolution video can be distracting to viewers and may not do justice to your gaming skills.
  • Capturing wonderful moments is only half the battle; the best clipping software also makes it simple to share and convert those clips to other media. It shouldn’t be difficult to export files for further editing or to share them directly on social media.
  • There are both free and paid versions of clipping programs available. Think about what you can afford and what you need first. A premium version may be worthwhile if it includes features you really need or removes an annoyance like a watermark that the free version lacks.

Reviews of the Top Clipping Software for Gaming 

#1. Rav.AI

Many gamers like Rav.AI, a modern and easy clipping program. Rav.AI makes capturing and sharing gaming moments easy for gamers.

Key Features:
  • AI-Powered Clipping: Rav.AI intelligently clips high-action gameplay situations, saving you time.
  • This software supports PC and console gaming platforms, so every player can use its capabilities.
  • Direct Sharing: Rav.AI lets gamers export and share films on social media, showing off their skills.
  • Rav.AI guarantees high-definition video, guaranteeing your gameplay is faithfully represented.
  • AI-powered clipping provides convenience and efficiency.
  • Watching HD clips improves the experience.
  • Its easy sharing makes it suitable for social media.
  • The AI clipping feature, while mostly accurate, may occasionally miss certain moments depending on the game’s action intensity.
  • No free version is available, which may be a negative for budget gamers.
  • Rav.AI has many features to make capturing and sharing gaming moments easy. Although it costs money, its ease and quality make it a worthy gaming clipping software competitor.

#2. VideoProc

Generally, VideoProc lets gamers capture, trim, and edit gaming clips. Its easy-to-use design makes it ideal for gamers who want to make videos quickly.

Key Features:
  • Versatile recording: VideoProc lets you record the complete screen, a window, or any specified area to capture gameplay exactly as you desire.
  • Game recording: VideoProc can record games in 4K. You can capture every element of your game with HD clips.
  • Easy editing: VideoProc lets you trim, divide, merge, and enhance clips after recording.
  • Direct sharing: VideoProc lets you export video to YouTube, making it easy to share gaming highlights.
  • High-quality recording preserves gameplay subtleties.
  • The user-friendly design and editing tools make it ideal for beginners.
  • Flexible recording choices meet various demands.
  • Although VideoProc is free, several sophisticated capabilities are only available in the premium edition.
  • The software may be resource-intensive, especially when recording in high resolutions, affecting low-end PC game performance.

#3. ShadowPlay

The high-performance clipping program ShadowPlay from NVIDIA has several useful features. more so, ShadowPlay, designed for NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, is efficient and produces high-quality recordings.

Key Features:
  • With a keystroke, ShadowPlay’s ‘Instant Replay’ function saves the last few minutes of gameplay.
  • In addition to quick playback, you can manually start and stop recording your gameplay with minimum performance impact.
  • ShadowPlay is great for streamers because it allows live broadcasting on Twitch and YouTube.
  • Capture High Resolution: ShadowPlay captures 8K at 30 fps or 4K at 60 fps for crisp video.
  • The high-quality recording makes sure every detail of your gameplay is captured.
  • ‘Instant Replay’ ensures you never miss a crucial gaming moment.
  • Low-performance impact at high resolution.
  • ShadowPlay is exclusively available for PCs with NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, limiting its user base.
  • Although it offers basic editing, you may require different applications for more extensive modifications.
  • ShadowPlay is a powerful and quick game clip-capture tool. Its GeForce graphics card integration lets it record and stream smoothly. However, limited compatibility and basic editing are worth considering. ShadowPlay is a powerful clipping tool for GeForce graphics cards.

#4. DemoCreator

Wondershare’s DemoCreator is a versatile screen recording and video editing program that gamers may use to clip. It’s easy to use and has tools to enhance any gaming clip.

Key Features:
  • Flexible screen recording: DemoCreator lets you record the complete screen, a target window, or a specific area.
  • DemoCreator has a game mode for smooth, high-quality game recording.
  • Rich editing suite: Adjust, divide, and add effects to gaming clips in the built-in video editor after capture.
  • DemoCreator has sketching tools, annotations, and narration for game tutorials.
  • The rich editing suite lets you polish your clips without needing additional editing software.
  • Game mode produces high-quality gameplay recordings.
  • The flexibility of screen recording meets many cutting-edge demands.
  • High-resolution recording can be resource-intensive and may impact game performance on low-end PCs.
  • Free software has a watermark. Upgrade to the premium version to remove it.
  • Its extensive feature set and user-friendly design make DemoCreator stand out. Its emphasis on gaming and lesson-building makes it ideal for gamers who wish to teach others. The need for a paid version to remove the watermark is typical but may be worth it given its features.

#5. EaseUS RecExperts

A versatile screen recorder, EaseUS RecExperts can capture gaming. It offers gamers a complete solution with multiple features.

Key Features:
  • RecExperts has a game mode for seamless gameplay recording.
  • Flexible recording: Record the complete screen, selected applications, or a specified area.
  • Basic editing tools assist you in improving game clips.
  • Game mode ensures smooth recording of gameplay.
  • Simple editing tools are useful for short edits.
  • Some users might find the interface a bit complicated.
  • The free version has a watermark; upgrade to Premium for watermark-free recording.

#6. Bandicam

Gamers like Bandicam for screen recording. Many gamers use it to record their games due to its excellent performance and superb output.

Key Features:
  • A specialized game recording mode on Bandicam produces high-quality recordings with minimum performance loss.
  • High compression ratio: Bandicam compresses video while recording, resulting in smaller files with similar quality.
  • Recording your voice and adding a webcam overlay to your gameplay is fantastic for Let’s Play content.
  • The high compression ratio results in smaller file sizes, which saves storage space.
  • The dedicated game recording mode optimizes performance and quality.
  • The interface might seem outdated to some users.
  • Bandicam lacks advanced editing features; you’ll need a video editor.

#9. Xbox Game Bar

Windows 10’s Xbox Game Bar captures games without additional software.

Key Features:
  • Instant Capture: Simple shortcuts capture or record gaming instantly.
  • Performance Widgets: Xbox Game Bar shows framerate, CPU consumption, etc.
  • Audio Control: The software controls audio sources individually.


  • It’s very convenient to use for Windows 10 users since it’s already integrated.
  • Minimum performance impact.


  • Basic functionality with limited features compared to dedicated recording software
  • Currently, it is only compatible with Windows 10.

Free Game Clipping Software 

Need free game clipping software? Finding such recorders is difficult, but here are the 9 best free game clipping software.

#1. Xbox Game Bar

The best clipping software for basic gameplay recording OS: Windows 10

Pricing: Free

Xbox Game Bar, a clipping software incorporated into Windows 10, lets gamers record games, take snapshots, enable the microphone, and access a customizable UI. By default, it records two-hour game clips. Xbox Game Bar lets you store the last 30 seconds of gameplay on your Windows 10 PC by pressing Win + Alt + G. More so, the Xbox Game Bar, accessed via Windows key + G, is essential for clipping games for recreational and competitive gamers.

#2. AppGeeker Screen Recorder

The finest clipping program for gamers to easily record, edit, and share gameplay footage

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, macOS 10.12+

Pricing: free, $39/year premium.

Expertly record and share gaming moments with the AppGeeker screen recorder. This versatile clip recorder works with Windows and Mac OS and can record 2D and 3D games in windowed or full-screen mode. Also, the AppGeeker screen recorder supports retro-style, puzzle, first-person shooter, racing, and open-world games.

#3. OBS Studio

Free but professional clipping program for gamers to record games and live stream.

Windows, macOS, and Linux

Pricing: Free

OBS Studio is a sophisticated, open-source game clipping and live-streaming application for several platforms. This free gaming clipping software may capture audio and video from a microphone, system sound, desktop screen, camera, games, and more. Also, OBS’s comprehensive audio settings, including numerous audio tracks and filters, help users record audio from varied media and reduce noise. It also allows users to customize their recordings using hardware and custom encoding parameters.


Medal clipping software makes it easy for gamers to edit and share gameplay highlights with others. Windows, iOS, and Android

Price: Free, $9.99/month premium

Medal.TV is the best free game clipping software designed specifically for gamers to clip and share gaming clips with a global community of players. Medal recording software instantly starts recording when a gamer is in a match, a notable feature. This prevents users from missing crucial gaming moments. Besides desktop gaming, the clip software’s mobile app lets users record and share clips from their phones. Its robust game clip editor lets users add filters and effects to make clips more entertaining.

#5. Icecream Screen Recorder 

Intuitive and lightweight clipping software for gaming OS: Windows, Mac, and Android

Price: Free, $59.95 lifetime.

Icecream Screen Recorder is a sophisticated game clipping tool that lets users easily grab and snapshot any PC screen. Record webinars, games, Skype videos, and other screen activities. Icecream Screen Recorder has everything you need to make high-quality videos as a content creator, gamer, educator, or business professional.

Clipping Software for Low End PC

Several considerations, like system requirements, resource utilization, and performance optimization of the software, must be taken into account while deciding on the best clipping software for a low-end PC.

  • ShadowPlay is an excellent option for Nvidia graphics processing units. The game is recorded with the GPU’s hardware-accelerated NVENC encoder, which has been tuned to have minimum impact on performance.
  • Because of its low barrier to entry and robust feature set, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio is a favorite clipping software for low end PCs. Even on less powerful systems, it provides usable performance, although we may need to adjust some settings to make the most of our resources.
  • With Bandicam’s high compression rate, you can record high-quality video with minimal impact on your computer’s resources. It’s a smart pick if you’re trying to save space.

How Do I Clip My Gameplay? 

To snap a pic of what’s happening in-game, hit the camera button (Take a screenshot). Use the Windows key plus Alt plus G to begin and end recording of full-screen PC games. pick the Xbox button to launch the Xbox application, and then pick Captures to begin editing a clip.

What Is the Best Clipping Software for Fortnite? 

Gecata by Movavi is the greatest Fortnite clipping program available. This lightweight program has robust features, including the ability to record gameplay using your camera. You may start recording in just a few clicks after downloading the application.

How Do You Clip Games on Android? 

  • Gameplay can be captured and shared.
  • Launch Google’s Play Games.
  • Pick a sport.
  • Select Record gameplay at the top of the game information page.
  • Pick a preferred level of video quality.
  • Press the play button.
  • Pick the “Begin recording” button.
  • It takes the game three seconds to begin recording.

How Do I Clip on Windows? 

Pressing Windows+Alt+R will begin or halt recording. Pressing the Windows key plus Alt + G will record the screen for 30 seconds. Windows key + Alt + B to toggle HDR. To capture a still image of your screen, press the Windows key plus Alt + PrtScn.

Does Obs Have Clipping? 

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a live-streaming and screen-recording application that is available for free on Windows, macOS, and Linux. OBS is likely the first program that comes to mind if you want to record and clip the last 30 seconds of gaming or a beautiful video to share with others.

How Do I Find Gaming Clips? 

Access your video and screenshots by going to the Start menu, clicking Settings, then Gaming, and finally Captures.

Is There a Clipping Software for Mobile? 

The mobile clipping software application is called CLIPitc. It was designed to run well on both iOS and Android devices, so you may use it on your tablet or smartphone.

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